Saturday, October 19, 2013

Full Swatch: Favorite Red Nail Polishes

Hi guys! Long time no post! Sorry I've been a little bit M.I.A. lately. I've been busy with life stuff and recently I've been sick with a nasty cold :(. But I'm feeling better today so it's blog post time! ;)

Today, I have the first post of a new series I'm starting: the Roy G. Biv color of the rainbow nail polish series Holly from misshollyberries created on her youtube channel a while back.

This post is all about my favorite red nail polishes. :)

I'm not the biggest fan of red nail polish, to be completely honest. But there is a few red nail polishes in my collection that I really love and here they are:
Essie E-nuf is e-nuf and Very Cranberry
I'm not a huge fan of the Essie formula, but these two nail polishes I really like. Essie E-nuf is e-nuf is the perfect orangy fire red, really looks pretty in the sunlight especially during summer. The only down side to this polish is that it does chip quite easily. Essie Very Cranberry is a deeper christmasy kind of red. It has a subtle silver shimmer in the bottle but you can't really see it once it's on the nail. The staying power of this polish is much better than E-nuf is e-nuf's. Last time I wore it, it lasted five days before it chipped, if I remember correctly.
E-nuf is e-nuf, three coats, arficial light.

E-nuf is e-nuf, three coats, with flash.
Very Cranberry, two coats, artificial light.

Very Cranberry, two coats, with flash.

China Glaze Ring in the red and Velvet bow.
I always wear these two China Glaze nail polishes together and it's my favorite way to wear red, especially during the holidays but also all year round. Sadly, I only have mini sizes of these polishes so I try to use them sparingly because they were limited edition and are near to impossible to find now. I could kick myself for not picking up a full size of Ring in the red, grrr! It's one of my favorite glitters and it is simply GORGEOUS. And it's even better paired with Velvet bow, it always makes me think of the Wizard of Oz and the ruby slippers. I always get compliments from friends and strangers whenever I wear these polishes together.   

Velvet bow, two coats, artificial light.

Velvet bow + one coat of Ring in the red, artificial light. 

Velvet bow + one coat of Ring in the red, with flash.
Macro of Ring in the red (sooooo pretttyyyy!!!!).

Zoya Isla.
I don't own a lot of Zoya nail polishes, but it's still one of my favorite brand. It's just hard to find where I live, most of the time I have to order them online. I looooove Zoya's formula, I've never had trouble with application when it comes to their nail polishes. And this one, Isla, looks like velvet on the nails. It's so deep and rich and just simply stunning! And the best is that it's super opaque, pretty much a one coater. But I always do two to get this deeper look that I love.

Isla, two coats, artificial light.

Isla, two coats, with flash.

In the bottle.

Opi Every month is Oktoberfest.
And last but not least, the famous Every month is Oktoberfest which has now become a cult favorite. I've also featured this polish in my 2013 fall nail polishes favorites. My swatches do not do justice to this deep, almost black, purply red jewel tone. The shimmers really come to life in the sunlight. It's definitely a must have vampy shade.

Every month is Oktoberfest, two coats, artificial light.

Every month is Oktoberfest, two coats, with flash.
Aaaand, Macro goodness! :)
So that's it for my first Roy G. Biv post! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to let me know in the comments what are your favorite red nail polishes! ;) 

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